Radio ads can be somewhat tempting, you pay a set amount a month and you can get your message in front of their audience, arguably.

Here’s The Challenge

  • Radio can be expensive.
  • You have no control over who hears your advert and in most cases, unless you pay a “fortune” you often may have no control over when your advert airs either.
  • Tracking radio ads effectiveness can be challenging. It’s often difficult to tell whether it’s working or not.

This is not to say radio ads are completely useless. For larger brands like Coca-Cola and Absa they are almost a must. If you absolutely have to advertise on radio, read this post first for some ideas that might help.

So What Can We Do Instead?

The main reason we go to radio stations or any other media outlet to advertise, is because they have an audience.

If this is purely about reaching audiences then the question we should ask is, are there better ways to reach those audiences? The answer is yes, much better.

Build Your Own Audience

The most ideal situation would be if you could own your audience. This way, whenever you want to promote something you don’t have to go and pay anyone.

Imagine if your business owned a newspaper. Not to sell adverts to other people but to simply promote your business. This is part of the reason we are starting to see big businesses around the world, such as Alibaba and Amazon, buying media companies.

Unfortunately not all businesses can afford to buy a media outlet. So the next best thing is to build your audience using tools that are readily available.

Fortunately, the internet is availabale to everyone. The advent of social media and DIY tools has made easier for anyone to build an audience.

Juat for the record by the way, a Facebook pr any other social media audience is still not your audience. The social channel owns that audience and they can decide at any point to not give you access.

How To Build An Audience

Let’s just be clear, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media audience is not an audience a business owns. Those likes and follows belong to the social networks and they can do whatever they want with them.

We’ve seen Facebook change the rules over and over to a point where it has become impossible to reach your audience organically.

The best thing to do is to use these platforms as a means to building an audience that truly belongs to a business. Email is still king of them all and if you can get phone numbers and use them wisely even better.

So we build an audience on social media as a stepping stone towards building our own audience.

Here are some posts to help you succeed in building an audience.

It’s not always easy because if it was, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t work so well now would it? For those who can’t afford an agency here’s how to kick-ass on social media when you can’t afford an agency.

There are basic principles such as planning ahead of time and deciding on your audience, that could go a long way in ensuring social media success. Here are seven principles of successful social media.

If you have a completely new business and have a small number of followers you’re looking to grow, here are 5 ways to grow a social media audience from scratch.


While radio advertising might seem like a reasonable way to get the word out about a business, it is not the best for most small businesses.

The main reason we go to radio is to reach their audience, but there are better and more affordable ways to reach the same if not better audiences these days.

Online marketing and advertising provides the opportunity for businesses to reach highly targeted audiences at very affordable rates.