The Buyer’s Journey

It’s important to remember that not everyone who visits your website is ready to buy your product or services at that point in time.

There is a process that we go through before actually deciding to buy something, and this process is known as the Buyer’s Journey.

You need to understand it in order to help your potential customers along it. Let’s use Adam as an example.Buyer Journey Awareness stage

The Buyer’s Journey consists of three stages that are fairly clear and self-explanatory:

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1. Awareness Stage

In the Awareness Stage your potential customer realizes that there is a problem that they need to solve. For example, Adam realizes that he has a theft issue.

They will then do research into the types of techniques that they can use to solve this problem. This research is generally a Google search.

For example, Adam could use management techniques, surveillance techniques or even accounting techniques to solve the problem of theft in his restaurant.

At this point they will be bombarded with a huge variety of options, website after website. Only after looking through a variety of options will they be able to define their problem more specifically.

Framing their problem like this will lead them to fewer, more relevant techniques – all of which they will consider.Buyer Journey Awareness

2. Consideration Stage

In this stage your potential customer can better understand their problem, and the type of technique that is best suited to solving it.

This understanding will come from learning through the content that they come across while looking for a solution.  For example, Adam has realized that the best solution for his problem would be a surveillance technique.

Now that your potential customer knows which technique they want to go with, they can investigate the options within that category.

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3. Decision Stage

They know what they are looking for, now it is a matter of choosing the best solution for them. Their decision will be based on a number of factors.

During this stage, your potential customer will come to a decision, and arrive at your website.

This will not be the first time that the customer has visited, however, it is only now that they are ready to purchase your product or service. For example, Adam looked at Stealthy Security’s website three times, and he only decided to purchase surveillance equipment from them during his final visit.

Buyer Journey Decision Stage

What Should You Write About on Your Website?

Of course now we know that a company like “Stealthy Security” needs to talk about more than just their surveillance equipment. They need to write about about issues like how to prevent theft in restaurants.

If they don’t do this, they risk losing business from people like Adam who don’t even know that they have a surveillance problem.

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Importance of Content

It is important to understand the Buyer’s Journey so that your website can have content that is not solely sales-related. You need content that will help the potential customer on each step of their Buyer’s Journey.

You also need content that is clear and informative about the technique category that your product or service belongs to for the Consideration Stage.

For example, Adam read about the percentage of thieves that are caught on surveillance cameras on Stealthy Security’s website.

Understanding the Buyer’s Process will help you to have this kind of varied, useful content that will bring potential customer’s back to your website at a later stage.

Only now, in the Decision Stage, your potential customer will be more receptive to sales-related content, because they are ready to buy.

The Buyer’s Journey in a nutshell…

Buyer Journey in A Nutshell