Whatever it is that a brand is giving away in a contest, they want to make sure that they get the most out of it. In this example, FNB did a great job of squeezing everything they can out of their contest.

When most brands give away a car in a contest, they may assume that just because it’s a car then people will pay attention and a lot of people are going to enter.

Such brands could be missing an opportunity.

Let’s see how FNB did it

The Build Up

People love mysteries, they like to figure things out, they like suspense. Which explains why sometimes we sit through horrible movies, jus to see the end. This was exactly what FNB used to their advantage when they launched their contest.

They started off with a teaser, a clue to what sort of car it might be. They asked people to like the Facebook post, so they could reveal the car.


Of course the post received thousands of likes within hours.

The next clue was a little bit more revealing, again they say the more you like the more you can reveal what kind of car we are going to be giving way.

Keep in mind that at this point to have spoken nothing about how this car is going to be given away just the fact that they will be giving away car and people can like to review what kind of car will be given away.

FNB Social Media 2

And of course as the days went by more people like that posts and the more clues that were given which led to the final revealed by this point people wanted to know how they could win the car.

This continued for another 2 posts over a period of 2 days and then the car as well as how to enter was finally revealed.

FNB Social Media 3

FNB Social Media 4

Key Takeaways

Number One

Think about how you can maximize your exposure and get people to engage with your contest outside the contest activity itself i.e. entries etc.I have witnessed you bought Elizabeth a big brand so to speak that was giving away a car by people spending 150 Monday or any of the outlets and nobody wanted to enter the contest people won’t excited now

What F and bees doing here is building excitement and increasing awareness at the same time they are getting maximum exposure and engagement for the contest before the contest even begins.

Number Two

(I’m not sure why I’m spelling out the numbers but, yeah…)

Good photography. As you can see images images are in themselves just tantalizing. Great photography is absolutely crucial whenever you run a social media contest or otherwise just trying to get your message across.

The images are what people see and process first. We process images 60,000 faster than text.

Number Three and perhaps most importantly

Think multichannel. Think of all the channels at your disposal as a business and how you can use those to raise more awareness and increase engagement with not only the contest but also your brand.

In an earlier post about how not to waste money on radio adverts we mentioned Magnetic Storm who were running a contest/promotion of the Mag Storm character. They did a good job on radio and in the street but at the same time missed out on social.

There was nothing on social media about it except what they were saying about the character. I had to have heard it on radio and when I reached out to them through social, there was no real response.

Make the most of every cent you spend on contests.