Instagram Ads are here for all. You should have access by now, if not, don’t panic you will shortly.

If you already have access, follow the steps below to create Instagram Ads.

At the moment, you can only create these ads using Power Editor. If you are familiar with Power Editor you can skip the next step.

Facebook Power Editor

This is a Facebook ads creation tool which gives you a few more options than your normal Facebook Ads Manager. It only works with Google Chrome browser, if you’re not using Chrome you canĀ install it here.

In Chrome, go to Facebook Ads Manager and then click on Power Editor. The next window will guide you through the Power Editor set up and you’re good to go.

Facebook Power Editor

Creating Instagram Ads

Once you are in Power Editor, you’ll be able to create Instagram ads like you would normal Facebook Ads.

Click on create campaign.

Creating campaign in power editor

In the dialog box that follows, just enter the details. At this point, you’ll have to choose a campaign objective that is supported by Instagram. The following are the only supported objectives so far.

  • Clicks to Website
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Video Views

If the Choose An Advert Set checkbox is checked, uncheck it and click Create.

Facebook Power Editor For instagram ads

Setting Up the Ad Set

You have created your new campaign. You will now see it listed in Power Editor, double click on it and the next screen will present you with you Ad Set Options.

This is where you are ableĀ control such as budget, audience and where you’d like your ad to be displayed. Make sure to select Instagram among any other placement options in the placement section.

Select Instagram on the ad placement options

Setting Up the Instagram Ad

After setting up the Ad Set, double click on your Ad set name back on the list of Ad Sets. The next screen will be where you create your advert. It’s important to remember the following here.

  • If the same advert will be shown on Facebook, make sure that the dimensions are correct, as recommended by Facebook.
  • 20% text rule presumably applies here as well. Limit the amount of text on your ad to not more than 20% of the image

Select the Facebook page you’d like to use, then just below that, you’ll be able to link an Instagram account to your this page and advert.

link instagram account

Preview, Review and Upload Your Instagram Ad

Check to see how your Instagram Ad will appear and if you’re happy click on review changes and upload your ad. That’s it, you’re done.

Upload Instagram Ads


How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

We are currently experimenting with different audiences and bidding to see how Instagram Ads compare to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

It also depends on how many people are targeting the same groups you are. Instagram Ads are new and the more popular they get, the more expensive they’ll become. So get in now and give it a go.

Let us know what you think of them