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Show Notes

In this week’s chat we start things off a bit differently by discussing last week’s US elections and how social media may have played a role in President Elect Donald Trump’s win. We speak about Trump’s strategy, message, consistency (or lack thereof) and discuss how businesses and brands can learn from Trump’s win and just how powerful social media can be.

We also discuss issues that have risen from complaints about Facebook reporting fake news and that may have swayed voters, as well as how Facebook plans on combating this issue moving forward.

Instagram Confirms That It’s Working on Live Video


Instagram is owned by Facebook so it comes at no surprise that it is adopting its parent company’s live video feature. Facebook itself has boasted about live video stating that live videos are watched more often and for longer periods of time than non-live videos so it seems it was only a matter of time until this rolled over.

In this week’s chat we discuss the video trend and stress the importance of what we have said previously about brands and businesses integrating video into their marketing.

Instagram Now Lets You Add Mentions, URLs and Boomerangs


Although Instagram has pretty much stolen, to the T, Snapchat features in its Instagram Stories function, it finally announced a couple of new features that aren’t exact clones of its Snapchat rival that will give users more freedom to be creative.

In this week’s episode we discuss the three new updates and how businesses can use these to promote their businesses and help get better recognition. We discuss

  • Ways in which businesses can use the mentions feature with influencers and everyday customers of their business to get their business’ name out there
  • The convenience of mentions and why businesses should even care about this addition in the first place
  • Who can use URLs in their stories at the moment and whether that is set to change anytime soon
  • The convenience of being able to add custom URLs to stories and how this may encourage more visits to websites

Here Are Some Details on How Snap Spectacles Work


Snap spectacles have finally hit the streets in the US and in this episode we discuss how the Spectacles work, where to get them and why businesses should seriously consider doing so. The launch of the Spectacles ties in with the story below which discusses why businesses should start testing out Snap Inc’s Spectacles and why they need to do so right away!

This Creative Director Explains Why Brands Should Start Using Snap Inc’s Spectacles ASAP

Snapchat Spectacles are already being sold in vending machines on Venice Beach, California and Ned Lampert, a creative director at Space150 feels that brands should pounce on this opportunity to make their Snapchat business accounts incredibly creative.

In this week’s’ chat we discuss:

  • How South African businesses can get hold of Spectacles
  • Roughly how much businesses should be looking to spend and whether the purchase will be worth it
  • The increasing importance of having an in house social media manager
  • The ease with which Spectacles will be integrated into the business
  • Ideas on how businesses can make use of  Spectacles to be more creative
  • Whether all businesses can make use of this or whether it depends on what kind of business you are in

WhatsApp Launches Video Calling for Everyone

Facebook-owned WhatsApp officially launched video calling for its over 1 billion users on iOS, Android and Windows Phone in attempt to become an international cross-platform FaceTime. IN this week’s episode we discuss and emphasise the need for businesses to stay up to date with the happenings on social media platforms and their updates and why they should also keep a very close eye on chat apps and chat features that are popping up on various apps.

We also go in depth this week and give practical examples on how businesses can use chat features and functions on various apps and discuss whether businesses should go as far as creating a WhatsApp account just for their business and communicate with customers through.