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Show Notes

Broken Measurement, Social Media Fixation Are Killing Brands

Facebook was recently revealed to have been inflating its video viewership metric by overestimating the average time spent watching videos by 60% – 80%. This has lead to questions on whether marketers have been measuring the right things in the first place or whether we have all fallen into the trap of trying to go viral with our content.

In this week’s chat we speak about the dangers of not establishing and focusing on your bottom line. We also discuss the “viral culture” we now live in and how marketers can go back to measuring what really matters and make digital marketing effective.

Twitter Axes Vine Video Service

Twitter has announced that it is to close its video sharing service Vine about four years after it launched. In this week’s chat we speak about:

  • What impact that has on users
  • What impact that has on content creators
  • How this can be a lesson that African businesses can learn from
  • Why it is so important to establish an audience that you can control on your own turf

Why Marketers Must Move Beyond ‘Branded Content’ and Create Entertainment

As audiences migrate from to commercial-free streaming platforms, more and more brands are looking to engage consumers through entertainment original programming. And the entertainment world has caught on to that reality. We chat about how The Lego Movies and Marvel are great examples of this and also chat about two very important things:

  • How can we use this in an African business context
  • How practical is this approach for small and medium sized businesses

Keep ‘Em Watching With End Screens

End Screens is a new mobile-friendly tool that lets you engage viewers right as your video finishes and encourages them to watch more on their devices. In the last 5 – 20 seconds of your video you can now lead users to subscribe to your channel, lead viewers to your channel, website and so much more. Find out how practical this is, whether it actually works and how this may lead to more video views and more subscriptions for your channel.