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Why an app for your business?

Some benefits of your own business app

  • Run your business from wherever you are
  • Save time and money, by increasing transparency and accountability among staff
  • Keep track of business assets
  • Keep documents in the cloud for ease of search and retrieval
  • Manage projects more effectively
  • Avoid duplicated communications, keep all communications in one place
  • ¬†Draw reports to track things over time
  • Secure and own all your data

What's Our Secret?

How we build robust business apps at affordable prices

Low Overheads

With us, you're not paying for fancy office buildings or for overpaid developers. We are a small, agile team focused on delivering maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.

Streamlined Processes

We are fanatic about giving your business exactly what it needs. No unnecessary bells and whistles, no hidden costs, only results.

Flexible Infrastructure

We are not beholden to any major service providers. We will use only what you need at the lowest cost possible.

Guaranteed Quality

You are guaranteed the best design and functionality for your application, or your money back.

Admin Dashboards

Your app will come with a simple and beautiful web-based administrators’ dashboard for you and your team to draw reports, manage users, and much more.

Take the first step to improving your business

Get an obligation-free quote. For a small refundable deposit, you will get a working prototype to test and see for yourself, if you don’t like it, we give you a full refund.

Some Of Our Projects

Variety is Our Strength

We are grateful to have worked with businesses from all kinds of backgrounds, from construction, fitness, auctoins, education, and much more. This puts us in a unique position to help you to achieve the best for your business.

Comfix & Engineering ERP

An Enterprise Resource Management solution to manage inventory, tasks, and team communication. App functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • QR / Barcode scanning
  • Chat
  • User authentication
  • Role-based visibility shows only what users are allowed to see based on their roles
  • Stock management
  • Fleet management
  • Project and customer relationship management

Debt Review Centre

A versatile application to manage client relationships. This app also allows users to create and manage their budgets. App functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Location services
  • User authentication
  • Role-based visibility to show only what users are allowed to see based on their roles
  • User uploads/downloads
  • Chat
  • Appointment management

Red Method Fitness

A fitness app containing free and paid fitness programs. App functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Membership management
  • Guided/video workouts
  • Chat
  • Location services
  • User authentication
  • Content management system

Experienced In Multiple Backends

Based on your needs, we will set you up with the best in cloud computing, ensuring maximum uptime, security, and access.

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

We will create your app to work on all three major platforms. Apple (iOS), Android and Huawei

Depending on the size of your application and functionality, you will have a working prototype to test withing 2 weeks. Full development may take between 3 – 6 weeks.

Your monthly costs will scale based on how many users and how often they use the app. For small teams the cost is between $25 – $75 per month.

Unless for special reasons, the answer is no, push notifications will not cost extra. If it needs to be this will be minimal and will be discussed before beginning of project.

All apps we create will have access to the following features if needed:

  • Push notifications
  • User authentication, social login if needed
  • GPS / Location
  • Camera functionalities
  • Offline functionality (On request)
  • 30 days backup¬†
  • Barcode / QR scanning

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